How to choose curtains

Properly chosen curtains will give the interior coziness, beauty and functionality, as well as hide possible flaws. The choice of curtains should include several basic criteria: the proportions of the room, the style of the interior, the desired level of light security and the location of the room relative to the cardinal points, the type of drapery, the color of the finish and furniture and much more.
To understand all these difficulties, we turn to the designers and ask them for practical advice on how to choose the right curtains for the interior. However, first of all it is necessary to determine the budget for textiles, and it is advisable to lay it at the very beginning of repair work.

Functionality and practicality

Textile design creates a complete image of the interior. Well thought out design can save a bad design project. Bad - spoil the good. Therefore, it is very important to determine the tasks that textiles perform in the interior. When choosing fabrics for curtains, it is important to remember that in certain lighting and in combination with different colors, textiles will behave differently. Therefore, to begin with, select several samples of suitable fabrics in the cabin and take the final decision on the site.

You can choose textiles in the process of rough repair, if the site has samples of finishing materials: flooring, wallpaper and furniture finishes.

Choosing textiles, you should pay attention to its practicality in the application and further care. For example, natural fabrics have shrink properties, so you should provide an additional margin to the height of the product.

Almost all fabrics are prone to fading in the sun, so the lining is an indispensable part of the curtains. Synthetic fabrics are less capricious in care than natural ones, so it is easier to maintain them in perfect condition.

Sizes and proportions

Any interior can be visually corrected with the help of textiles: to make small rooms visually more spacious, and to add more coziness and privacy. But perhaps this is only due to properly selected sizes of curtains.

The choice of curtains for the interior style

The textile market today is very wide, and choosing textiles for a particular interior is easy. However, before you go shopping, pay attention to expert advice. Speaking about the purpose of the interiors, in the living room or hall most often used lush textiles and elegant curtains on beautiful cornices. In the bedroom - cozy and thick curtains to create an atmosphere of relaxation. It is better to refuse refined accessories here, so as not to overload the interior. In the kitchen curtains should be as practical as possible. The most common are roller blinds. And in the room for children natural colorful textiles with bright prints of children's subjects will be appropriate.

Accessories and sewing

In a classic interior, a complex, completed image can be created only with high-quality decor, which over time will not break, fade and fluff. In the modern interior the presence of the decor is not necessary, but the structure of the fabric is important. Sewing curtains - one of the last and important steps in the interior window. Any fabric can be easily ruined by improper sewing.
It is important to pay attention to the quality of the cut - the design, bending, joining seams. Therefore, if your task is to create high-quality textile décor, we recommend contacting specialized curtain studios or design bureaus with experience with complex textiles.
The most important rule when choosing textiles, according to designer Olga Valle, is that he should not be selected according to the principle “the main thing is to hang something”. Curtains must necessarily interest you at first sight - an unusual color or ornament, quality of fabric or the correct form. Since textiles visually occupy a fairly large part of the room, it certainly has a psychological effect on the owners. Therefore, it is very important that you like the curtains!